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How Podcasts Can Help Brands

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4 Business Benefits of Podcasting for Brands

1. Brand Reputation and Authority

  • Problem: Maintaining brand reputation in a noisy media market place
  • How Can Podcasts Help?  Build Brand Authority by owning talking points and amplifying messages through influencers and opinion leaders.

2. Digital Transformation

  • Problem: Joining the dots of change across multiple departments
  • How Can Podcasts Help? Connect internal "Tribe" of changemakers on board with the transformation journey. Showcase the work of Small Cross Functional Teams (SXFTs) in transformation.

3. Build Ecosystem of Partners

  • Problem: Creating engagement when 90% of value creation lies off payroll
  • How Can Podcasts Help? Showcase stories of tech, distribution and channel partners. Give partners a voice. Combine PR & Marketing resources with partners.

4. Employee Engagement

  • Problem: Creating engagement and connectivity in increasingly remote teams
  • How Can Podcasts Help?  Create employee engagement. Showcase company culture. Create 365 events around off-sites and company events. Create conversations about subjects that matter.

Podcasting for Brands Case Studies

Case Study: Future of Asia

By McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is an American worldwide management consulting firm to many of the world's most influential businesses and institutions. 

Podcast Objectives -
- Create “behind the story” conversations around “Future of Asia” report
- Maintain brand reputation in noisy media market place 
- Create conversations with key partners aligned to McKinsey ecosystem

Future of Asia - Asia’s standing in the world has changed and it is clear that where the focus was once on how quickly the region would rise, the reality is now all about how Asia will lead. In the Future of Asia Podcast, we invite leaders from across the region to discuss the power, agility and ambition of Asia and to shed light on what kind of leader Asia will be, and what this means for governments and businesses everywhere.
Case Study: On AirAsia

By AirAsia

AirAsia is the largest airline in Malaysia by fleet size and destinations. It is evolving from an airline to a digital travel company becoming a one-stop shop for flights, hotels, activities & daily deals. 

Podcast Objectives -
- Capture the stories and sounds of Asia through the voice of locals 
- Create real estate for partners to advertise on
- Making Travel360 magazine content digital, evergreen and available to all

On AirAsia - On AirAsia is a collection of stories and journeys told by people from all over the world on subjects close to their hearts. We go behind the scenes and hear the story behind the every stories, go deeper into destinations and learn about the people that make things happen.
Case Study: Xero On Air

By Xero

Xero is the world's largest cloud-based accounting software platform for small and medium-sized businesses. Since their start in 2006, they’ve grown from a handful of small businesses in New Zealand to more than 2 million+ subscribers globally.

Podcast Objectives -
- Create conversations with channel & tech partners to strengthen ecosystem
- Create momentum & consistency around existing offline events
- Foster innovation & communications at all levels of the organisation

Xero On Air - The Xero On Air podcast helps you navigate the early years in business, one topic at a time. Along the way, we’ll share top tips and things to watch out for in that first year on your own. From financial advice to paying staff and staying calm. Our host Graham Brown talks to business owners about that vital first few years in business and what to expect around every corner.

Case Study: The Future of Work

By Singapore Institute of Management

SIM Professional Development (PD) is Singapore’s leading professional learning and transformation partner for enterprises and professionals to power up their skills and mindsets through exposure to top global business and management thinkers.

Podcast Objectives - 
- Unlock valuable conversations traditionally kept behind closed doors
- Maintain relevance beyond immediate network
- Leverage partner talent and stories to amplify their brand message

The Future of Work - The Future of Work podcast features leading thinkers in business and deep dives into the top global thinking and management best practices. One of Singapore's premiere professional development institutions offers this holistic and immersive learning experience for C-suite executives and PMEs to grow their skills and help their workforce to stay versatile, innovative and market ready.

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